In any professional sphere, talented employees can be poached, impressive technologies can be duplicated, and low prices can easily be trumped. But try as they might, no competitors, no matter how skilled, can stake a claim to who you are, why you matter, what you believe, and why others should care.

Since the day we first opened the doors of our Los Angeles office, the hearts and minds at Innovation Protocol have championed a “people-centric” approach to the business of brand. It’s an approach that has reaped financial reward and clarity of purpose for passionate non-profits, remarkable technology juggernauts, dynamic personalities, category leaders, and an ever-broadening range of clients across the globe. It’s given consumers and stakeholders everywhere a reason to believe in the brands they support. We don’t market. We don’t advertise.

We uncover, generate, and celebrate brand value that transforms businesses and lives. Come think with us.


Our team of creative and socially savvy brand strategists offers a heady mix of artists, students, teachers, entrepreneurs, consumers, advocates, social media junkies, knowledge-seekers, and problem-solvers, each eager to take on brand challenges as diverse and complex as the innovative clients we serve.



International business is our business, and we’ve got the ink-filled passports to prove it.   Our brand strategy work has taken us throughout Europe, North America, South America, Australia, and East Asia. No brand opportunity is too daunting, or too distant, to be tackled with the enthusiasm, professionalism, and the valuable knowledge our clients have come to expect and trust.

  • Sasha Strauss

    Sasha Strauss

    Founder & Managing Director

  • Jon Cohen

    Jon Cohen

    Vice President & General Manager

  • Alex Bornoff

    Alex Bornoff

    Senior Consultant, Brand Development

  • Anna Drabik

    Anna Drabik

    Associate, Brand Development

  • Andy Caramanzana

    Andy Caramanzana

    Executive Assistant

  • Armando Mtz-Celis

    Armando Mtz-Celis

    Junior Designer

  • Augusto Piccio IV

    Augusto Piccio IV


  • Billy Otteman

    Billy Otteman

    Associate, Brand Development

  • Cody Boeger

    Cody Boeger

    Analyst, Brand Development

  • Jamie Sperling

    Jamie Sperling

    Senior Manager, Brand Development

  • Janice Lee

    Janice Lee


  • Jeremy Tucker

    Jeremy Tucker

    Associate Director, Brand Development

  • Matt Clayman

    Matt Clayman

    Associate Director, Client Partnerships

  • Matthew Müller

    Matthew Müller

    Design Director

  • Mike Pritchard

    Mike Pritchard

    Senior Designer

  • Nancy Paradise

    Nancy Paradise

    Senior Manager of Corporate Finance & H.R.

  • Stacey Derkatch

    Stacey Derkatch

    Senior Analyst, Brand Development

  • Kristina Cantelli

    Kristina Cantelli

    Brand Research

  • Olive


    The Dog